Friday, November 2, 2012

The Real Halloween

Oh my, what a Halloween! We were all over the place. But it was a blast! Most of these pictures are self explanatory. Seems a fun time was had by all!

This year Andy dressed up as a cowboy (or Woody) riding a T-rex (or Rex).  He was adorable and it combined his two loves, cowboys and dinosaurs. If he had been able to fit a train in there, he would have been complete.
We went to Zoo Boo on Saturday night where we met up with friends.  Julie and Lina have been friends since birth and spent a few Halloweens together. I love that as soon as they see each other they have to hold hands.  And this year, they were both witches!
They are also SO good about including their younger siblings!
The Hunters with less than half of the Arnolds.  We love us some Arnolds!

Memere and Sadie the lamb!  Sadie can say Memere now! (along with Momma, Dadda, Ama (we think it's Grandma), down, this, and my favorite, NO!).
Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat! Christina and Brian did such a great job on these costumes! They were a hit wherever they went!

Auntie Audrey and the little lambie!
Tom and April also outdid with the costume. Eli was an awesome Umpa Lumpa!!  He is the sweetest boy.
John went everywhere as a Deviled Egg. I made him this costume when we were dating, so about 11 years ago?

Cousin Lauren was an owl.  She was so adorable. I think she was one of the only kids actually looking at the zoo animals!

On Halloween morning, John brought Andy and Sadie to Andy's class for his Halloween party.  Andy had so much fun parading through the other classes.  Sadie even got to join in on the fun.  By this point, I had switched her costume and she was a care bear. Seemed to fit her a little better than a lamb...personality wise I mean.
All set to walk around.
Sadie made a friend!
In the afternoon, we went to Dr. Patterson's for his little carnival. The kids had fun bouncing in the bounce house and playing silly games.  All our kids love Dr. Patterson. And their parents think he is pretty swell too.
This is the only picture I got of all 3 of my kids.   Is Andy on a roller coaster??
After Dr. Patterson's, we came home and ate, met up with Chris and Kay and Brian, Christina and Everett.  Chris and Kay had awesome costumes.

Can't help but smile with this goofball!
We trick-or-treated over to Grandma Hazel's and then to the carnival.  It was really busy by the time we got there, so after just a couple games, we headed home.
3 wild ones!
Care Bear Stare!!! She was a happy Cheer Bear!

Of course, no carnival is complete without donuts on a string!
When we got home, Julie all but put herself to bed. She had fun, but was done. Andy wasn't too far behind her.  Our house was quiet by 8:45.  Happy Halloween everyone! I can't believe it's November now! The next two months are going to a busy, fun, chaotic, and memorable. I can't wait!

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