Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Retirement Memere!

On Saturday night, Justin, Audrey, John and I put together a retirement party for Mom. We went over early and got the hall all set up. I think it turned out pretty festive.
The kids were beyond excited about the party. They loved helping set up the chairs and tables. They loved putting out the tablecloths. Lauren loved playing with the kitty that basically lives at the hall. Sadie was just excited to be there in general.
There were people from the Mom's former Department there, people from my department and many friends and family.

Lauren strutting her stuff through a line of people.
Love this picture of Mom and her best friend Sue!
The food was amazing, thanks to our friends Erin and Charlie and everyone who attended brought a dish. There was plenty of food that was all delicious.
More pictures of was just so good!

It was a great turn out. As with every party, there were people that weren't able to make it and they were missed.  But there were plenty of well wishers to help Mom celebrate this big step!
We were able to get a few family pictures! Everyone in one spot at one time...its a miracle!

The Police Association gave Mom a badge with the Centennial Logo on it. Since the City is having their Centennial Celebration this year, they are all having new badges made. The one given to Mom was beautiful!
I didn't get a picture at the party but Mom's friends Naomi and Keith (along with their son David) made the trip from up North. I hadn't seen this since Julie was a baby so we went out to breakfast the next morning. It was so nice of them to come all the way down to help us celebrate.

So happy retirement Mom! Enjoy every minute. You have earned it!

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