Sunday, January 6, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Now that the Christmas Holiday is done, we have been lounging around kicking back, doing nothing.....

No, that's not true at all.  Right after Christmas Sadie got sick. So we nursed her back to health while keeping the big kids entertained.

We stomped around outside a lot. It has been raining and Andy is obsessed with the "Ditch Tunnels" that are now full of water. Every time we go outside he has to make sure they are clear and flowing properly. Not sure what he would do if they weren't.....
Luckily it didn't take Sadie too much time to get back to her normal silly self. She always walks up to this footstool, takes the top off (there is a smaller one inside) and sits in it. She won't sit on it with the top on it. That would just be craziness!
Another silly shot. This was the first time out of the house for her in 4 days! She was going stir crazy as she loves to be outdoors wondering around.
The kids got a few puzzles for Christmas so we have been doing lots of puzzles. Andy is really into the USA puzzle right now. Always cracks me up hearing him say things like, "Next I need Michigan....where is Michigan?"
This stinker is already pushing her sister's buttons. She always climbs into her bed, steals her books, etc. I have a feeling she will be in a big girl bed VERY soon. She is trying really hard to climb out of her crib. Soon we will put the top bed back up and the crib will be out of here! And Sadie won't have to steal Julie's bed anymore!

While Sadie was sick the big kids and I made a TON of orange juice. For a whole day, Andy's upper lip was stained orange!
This year I asked the kids to help me with the Christmas thank you cards. They were SO excited about them. Julie wrote "Thank you" and signer her and Sadie's names. Then she handed it off to Andy who signed his own name. They did all of them! There were 12 total. So proud of them!

Got this picture tonight...this is pretty much the face I get whenever I try to get a picture of Julie. She is excitedly planning her 6th birthday party (with our help and reasoning of course).  So far, it's gymnastics and My Little Pony....we'll see what happens.
So there you go! We are hanging out, having fun, enjoying these kiddos, oh yeah, and working, doing laundry, all the unexciting stuff.  Happy New Year everyone!

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