Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bottom Bunk

About a week ago, we put the top bunk back on Julie's bed. Julie had been anxious to put it back up, in hopes of getting the crib out of their room and a little more space to play.  We told her we would "try" to have Sadie sleep in the bottom bunk, with a bed rail, but it might take some time, she is still very young. Both Julie and Andy were about 22 months when we put them into big kid beds. Sadie is 14 months. So we thought it would take some work.

The first nap time, this happened.
And since then, she has only slept in her crib once, and that was because her sheets were in the wash! Sadie has taken to being a big girl. And since she goes to bed about 30 minutes before Julie, she is asleep by the time Julie climbs up her ladder.  One night, Julie had a bad dream and ended up snuggling up on the bottom bunk with her. My heart completely melted when I found them.

She has not woken once during the night (knocking on wood) and in the morning, she wakes up, climbs down the stool (it is hard to tell in the picture, but the rail only goes half way down the bed) and pounds on the bedroom door to be let out.

We are taking the crib down this weekend. When did our baby get so big!?!

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