Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Andy's Pre-Kindergarten Graduation

Tonight Andy's school had their annual Pre-K graduation for all the kids moving onto Kindergarten.  This was big for him because not only is he moving on, he is done with preschool as of this week! He's not going during the summer. So this celebration meant a lot and he was so excited for it!

When the kids first got up on stage, they asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. A lot of kids said they wanted to be veterinarians, or police officers, or race car drivers.  What did Andy want to be?

 They sang some adorable songs, including, "All You Need is Love" "The More We Get Together" "Yellow Submarine" and "Kindergarten Here We Come"  All complete with hand movements.
He was very respectful when his other friends were getting their certificates.
And so proud when they called his name. Way to go buddy!  He did so good smiling for his adoring fans.
As soon as he got back to us, he got lots of love from his big sister, who was up there herself just one year ago!
These are his two teachers. No wonder he can't wait to go to school every day. Aren't they adorable?!  The one on the left has been his teacher since he started there at age 2.
Grammy and Pop-pop came to help cheer him on. This picture was mid cake bite, hence the white mouth.
I had to chase the kids down to get this shot, but Julie and Andy both had these 3 teachers and I can only hope they are still there when it's Sadie's turn. They are all amazing!
 The graduate with his Memere!  He's taller than her! Not really, but it won't be long!
And a last minute picture with Uncle Justin! Aunt Audrey and Lauren were there too, but they started loading up before I could get a picture. Love their big ol' smiles!!
What was Sadie doing during all this? Playing in the dirt, of course.
We are so proud of our sweet, kind, thoughtful boy. Every day is an adventure. And every day he amazes us with his big heart. Kindergarten, look out, here comes Andy!

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Tania said...

So exciting to see them get ready for the next step!