Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Soccer Camp

Last week Julie and Andy went to a soccer camp put on by Kidz Love Soccer.  They went 4 days for 3 hours a day.  They played all sorts of soccer games, learned new skills, learned the positions, ran their little tails off and had a ton of fun. They are both playing soccer this fall so it was great for them to get so excited about the game.

The last day of camp all the parents were invited to watch the "World Cup" where the kids got together in teams and scrimmaged.  Julie and Andy were Argentina (because that is where the Argentinasouraus was found....yes, Andy is still obsessed with dinosaurs).  Julie colored their flag.
After a quick parade, the games began.  What an amazing difference some great coaching can make.  Here is Julie breaking away to score a goal. She had complete control of the ball, passed it, got it back and then scored, multiple times. Amazing. She was totally on fire!
Here is Andy breaking away from the crowd to pass the ball. He was so awesome! He dribbled the ball away from his opponents and easily and accurately passed it to Julie. He was the youngest kid there and totally held his own.
After the games, the coaches gave out awards. Andy received the "Most Enthusiastic Player" award. Fitting.
Julie received the "Most Outstanding Teammate" award. 
I am so proud of how hard they worked during camp and are still enjoying dribbling the ball around and passing it all over the lawn. This year

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