Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sarah and Trevor's Wedding

Last Saturday Sarah and Trevor got married! It was a beautiful day, a great venue, and an awesome reason to celebrate!

It was fun to get dressed up and spend time together, without kids, with great friends and watch two people totally in love, tie the knot.

Here's John and I at the wedding, just 3 days after our 9 year wedding anniversary!
It was so fun hanging out with Christina, Brian, Heidi and Shaw all evening. Heidi and Shaw escaped my pictures, but Christina and Brian didn't!
Christina and I never get pictures together since we are usually chasing kids or hosting parties. But we were just sitting there next to each other, so it had to happen.
And at the end of the night, I got to dance with the bride. It was such a beautiful evening and we hear they are having a blast on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! Congratulations Sarah and Trevor, can't wait to see you when you get home! Thanks for the awesome night!!

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