Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Today was Julie's last day of kindergarten and they had a great little graduation for them. It all started with the other grades coming out and making a cheering tunnel for the kindergarteners. It was adorable and of course they loved it.
They marched in and took their seats. Julie looked so adorable in her graduation hat.
All great graduations must have music! They sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" "Who Let the Letters Out" and a song about being done with kindergarten. I don't know the name, but the kids did great. Julie and Kaitlin were very serious about the hand movements.
Julie has an amazing school with wonderful staff. This is their principal, Mrs. Davis, handing out the certificates. She pointed each child in the direction of their parents to make sure everyone got a good picture. So thoughtful!
John was able to get off work to come to the ceremony. So happy he could make it! Julie's face lit up when she saw him.
What's this?!? A picture with all 5 of us in it?! Shocking!! Even though Andy's eyes are closed and he's frowning, John is in uniform, Julie's hair is in her face and Sadie has a big frown on her face, it's a family picture and I'll take it!
Grammy, Memere and Lauren with Julie! Pop-pop was there too, but Andy probably drug him off somewhere to talk dinosaurs.
Silly Grammy wearing Julie's hat!
Julie and Mrs. Lewis! We had such a great experience this year, I had no idea how much a child could learn and grow in just a few short months. Mrs. Lewis was perfect for Julie. She loved going to school every day and couldn't wait to tell me everything she learned.
With all these graduations, Sadie is wondering, "When's my turn?!" and to that, I know it will be way too soon.
So off to 1st grade our biggest goes. We are so proud of her.

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