Monday, August 19, 2013

Sadie's First Haircut

This weekend was busy and crazy full of getting ready for school. We finished up shopping for backpacks and soccer cleats (they go hand in hand with back to school). We also cut both John and Andy's hair, so we just had to get Julie's done. When we got there, Sadie really wanted to get a trim too, Just like her big sister.  She was so excited to sit in the chair and have the robe on her.
She sat perfectly still, listened when the lady said to look at her toes. She didn't squirm when they combed through the snarls.

I only had them take about an inch off, but it was the baby fine hair and when she was done her hair looked different and much cleaner.
She was a little upset her turn was all done, but of course, the sucker afterwards made up for it.

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