Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School!

Beware, lots of photos to follow!

Today Julie started 1st grade and Andy started Kindergarten.

The kids were up early, as usual. Julie was dressed before 6:30 with her hair brushed and shoes on. She helped me get breakfast for everyone and put ice packs in lunches.
Andy was right behind her, sleeping with his back pack made his getting ready even faster this morning. By 7:15 we were outside taking pictures and we had to hold the kids back from knocking on all the neighbors doors asking if they were ready to go yet!
We killed a little time taking pictures in the front yard. Sadie even got in on the action, even though her first day of school is not until tomorrow.
New backpacks are always a highlight.
She just can't resist being a cheeseball when she sees the camera!
They can be sweet....when they want to be.....
Again, showing off their cool backpacks.
When it finally got closer to school time the neighbors started coming out and we walked to school with some great friends. We live in such an awesome community where the kids are all buddies and their parents are pretty swell as well. It almost feels like you went back in time, especially on mornings like today.
Julie was so excited to learn that she has the same teacher she had last year! All of her best buddies are in the class with her, so she barely looked at me for a picture before we were dismissed to Andy's class.
He listened so well when the teacher told them to line up. He's right in the middle, with his hood on. And he was all smiles as he waved goodbye. Sadie had a few tears, though. She didn't want to leave Andy's fun classroom!
But, she and another baby sister started their own club out on the playground, and all was well again.  This is actually a co-workers daughter who's big brother is in Andy's class. I think they are destined to be friends!
After everyone was picked up, both Julie and Andy talked non stop. They were wound up and excited and happy. Sadie kept begging for them to stop talking so she could have a turn. Andy made me promise he could go back tomorrow, so I would call day one a complete success!

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Christina said...

Congrats Hunter Kids!! Andy's backpack is hilarious!