Sunday, May 11, 2014


Easter was a little hectic this year since we had just returned from Phili, then ran a race the day before. But, as always, the family came together and it was a ton of fun.

That morning, after digging through their baskets, we went to church out on the ranch. As always it was a beautiful service. And, an Easter miracle, we got a photo of the 5 of us.
After a little rest time, the rest of the family came over and we had an egg hunt and lots of delicious food. I didn't take many pictures, all of these were stolen from Christina!  

Andy and Everett are such sweet buddies and had a blast finding eggs.
Lydia loved Julie and the feeling was mutual. Julie loves younger people (which works out well since she is around them a lot!).
Let the egg hunting begin!
We got a picture of us together! I am trying to get better at taking pictures with my friends. First of all to prove that all of us mom's were actually there, and because I like looking at them.
Andy didn't waste any time digging into his loot.
The chickens didn't get any candy of course, but they got some attention.
Sadie and her olive fingers!
It was another beautiful holiday spent with people we love. Can't ask for anything better!

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