Friday, May 30, 2014

Open House

This week we got to go to Julie and Andy's school for open house.  Both big kids were excited to show off their classrooms and all their hard work.

Andy was first. His room was done in an ocean theme, complete with jelly fish, sea stars and sea horses. This is his "beachman" he made to look like him.
Then he read us some of the poems he had been working on. He did a great job!  He also read us a couple books.
Then Andy made a number bond. He showed us all the different ways he could make 6. It was pretty cool. We are so proud of how much he has grown this year!
Next it was Julie's turn. I didn't get many pictures in her class because it was jam packed with parents and kids!  She made a hat that she was very proud of. Her class was done like the rain forest. She read us the report she wrote on Gibbons. She also read us parts of her monthly poem journal. She took Memere, Grammy, and us all over the classroom showing us Flat Stanley, how much she has grown and her self portrait.
Julie was excited to show us her music room too. Andy is excited to go to music next year.  This was Sadie's favorite part, for sure!
We are so lucky to have such a great place for our kids to learn and grow.  Their teachers are incredible. They work so hard to keep our kids interested and happy. And, we are even more fortunate to have kids who LOVE school and can't wait to go every day. I can't believe that there are only 2 weeks left of school. A fun filled summer awaits!

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