Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yup, Another Year

John threw me the sweetest birthday party this year. He had help, but not from me! It was such a fun day with great people. It was so sweet of him to put so much work into my birthday!
Lauren and Sadie loved the cake! Yes, that is a big swipe of cake across Sadie's forehead. She was trying to keep her hair out of her face.
I barely got Lauren to stop eating cake long enough to take a picture! Love her little grin!! Baby sister Jemma was there too, but I didn't get a picture.
Bestie picture!
Love these girls! I was so lucky to have LOTS of help blowing out my candles.
Mmm, the cake was perfect. It even had double frosting! My honey knows me!
See what I mean when I say I had a lot of help!! And there were a few people we were missing, but I was so thankful to have everyone who came! I wish I got pictures with all of them!
One of the kids tried to steal the candles to lick, so I had to scoop them up quick before they did! Sometimes the birthday girl puts her foot down.
On my actual birthday John, Sadie and I spent the morning doing some clothes shopping, including new running shoes for both John and I.

After we picked up the kids from school we hit the beach. It was so beautiful. 89 degrees with a nice warm breeze. I made them take a picture with me before they hit the water.
Mud castles in the waves. Love this boy. So silly and sweet to his Momma. Both Andy and Julie told EVERYONE they came in contact with that it was my birthday. When I went to pick him up from school the entire class said happy birthday to me!
Love this guy so much. I had about 20 outtakes of this picture because he was being way too goofy. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I finally forced him into a nice smile.
Sadie and Julie were covered in mud the whole time and all three kids were having so much fun in the water. Sadie was apprehensive at first but that quickly wore off and before long she was laying on her tummy waiting for the water to wash over her. Of course we were right there the whole time. These kids are crazy!

I had an amazing birthday. Best yet. Hands down.

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