Sunday, October 12, 2008

Julie's "Pretty"

Yesterday we took Julie to play with her buddy Lina at the park. Lina is the daughter of my good friend from college, Heather. Heather is so awesome, she made Andy a really cute blanket, you know, one of those cool knot quilts made out of fleece. She didn't want Julie to be left out so she made her a blankie too. The second we pulled it out of the wrapping, Julie called it "Pretty." And it is very pretty, and VERY bright. Julie loves it. It has replaced the spot of her former blankie. She took it to bed with her last night, and this was the sight we saw when we checked on her before we went to bed.
She was completely wrapped in it, sleeping the short way of her crib. Notice Karl is still right in there with her!
Andy was wrapped up in his blankie last night too, but he was a little less expressive about it! So thank you Heather. You made Julie's day! And I really liked seeing you too!

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