Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch and Sarah Palin

The night before we went to the pumpkin patch was a rough one. Julie had a bad cold and was up half the night coughing, sneezing and throwing up. The other half of the night Andy was up. He was not sick, actually he was quite happy, but awake. Apparently Reeses felt left out and she threw up too!

So when we got up that morning to go to the pumpkin patch, we did not have high expectations. But it was a beautiful day, so out we went. We got there and right away Julie was in heaven because there were "Moos" there (aka cows). Then she got to pull a wagon and pick out her own pumpkin. Andy slept the whole time. Overall, there were no meltdowns, no fits, just a lot of fun, cute pictures and some snotty noses.

Petting the Moo's

And I almost forgot that we had a very special visitor the night before....Sarah Palin stopped by. Actually, it was my mom on the way to a Halloween party, but oh my gosh! She was so dead on! It was almost creepy!


Christina said...

WOW!! Your mom makes an AMAZING Palin! You betcha! (;

Looks like she didn't scare the kids, but she scares me! (;

Pumpkin patch pics are always adorable. I especially like Andy propped up against the pumpkins. I don't think he really got into the pumpkin patch spirit. (;

Tess (your cousin) said...

Aunt Ann makes a good Palin. How are you? I am awesome. Haven't seen you in forever! Now I am a big 6th grader. Email me at sunnyday647@directv.net!

lex said...

Lex (tess' friend)
Love the costumes. So cute. Ann does make a good palin.