Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day (or 3) With Aunt B

Bess and her boyfriend Matt were in town this week for just a couple days. We were really lucky and got to see them 3 times while they were here. She got to meet her nephew for the first time and spend some time with Julie. The first night they were here, we all went out to Anne and Dave's ranch for dinner. Mel was there, along with Ted and Sharon and Grandma Hazel. We sat around and talked and had some really good lasagna. Julie was funny because I am 99% sure that she can say Bess, but she insisted on calling her B. She said Matt's name just fine.

The next day Matt and Bess came over to our house and we showed Matt the highlight of Santa Margarita...aka Merc Sandwiches. Anne and Aunt Heli then stopped by and Heli got to see Bess and Andy for the first time, so that worked out really nicely. Of course, I forgot to take pictures. Bummer.

After Heli left, Anne, John and Matt all went out to the ranch to ride quads and Bess and I stayed home to do some seriously, Bess had some homework that she needed some assistance on. So that was fun. After I picked up the monster, we all went out to the ranch to watch John, Matt and Dave rescue the injured quad (you can ask Matt about that one).

Today, we went to enjoy another highlight of California with Matt and Bess and Bess's friend Amy. In and Out Burger. It was great. I love this picture of Matt and Bess holding Andy because right before I took it I explained to them how I love taking pictures of people holding my babies because it looks like they belong to whoever is holding them. This one the played it up and I love it!
Then it was time to say farewell. It was a nice visit and we all can't wait to see them again!

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Bess Anne said...

Miss you guys already.