Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eyes and Trains

When Julie was born everyone always asked us if she had eyes because no one ever saw them. Well, Andy is not the same sleeper that Julie was but we still get that question a lot. So here are his eyes!

Today was Colony Days in Atascadero so we met up with Audrey and watched the parade for a while. Then Julie got to ride the Elks train for the first time. She loved it. Every time she by us she would start clapping. Then she really didn't want to get out.

It was really nice to have Audrey come along with us because we were able to eat without holding a child and we had someone to take a pciture of the 4 of us, which we have very few of. Plus it was nice to drag her to yet another Atascadero tradition...she is such a good sport. :)

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