Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BBQ for Baby Cisneros (And His Parents)

Last weekend we had a beautiful Baby barbecue for Brian and Christina. Gion (Brian's Mom) did an amazing job putting everything together. It was so fun to have everyone there to celebrate their soon to be here baby boy!

Here are the soon to be parents! I wish I got a great picture of the bump, but alas, I did not.... Brian and Christina both put a lot of work in as well...I walked around and took pictures....
I did help Aunt Sue make some delicious lemonade! Phil and Gion had juiced a bunch of lemons and froze them. So we combined that with water and simple syrup. There was much taste testing involved and it turned out great!

Friends of the Cisneros Family has these awesome flags that we put up all over the yard. They were a great addition.

Look at that yard. Seriously, Phil and Gion can put on a party!


Kids are drawn to Beth. She has two blondies of her own, but she seems to collect them everywhere!
Look at that haul! Woohoo!

Speaking of collecting kids....Brian made the mistake of telling Julie she could help open gifts. She leaped at the opportunity.

The rest of the party ooohing and ahhhing over the gifts.

This was a fun, relaxed, beautiful and scrumptious shower. We had a great time all day.
I still can't believe my best friend is going to be a Mommy!! I am so excited for all of them, for Christina and Brian to experience the fun and craziness of being parents and for baby Cisneros to meet all the people who already love him so much!

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The Studes said...

Such wonderful pictures you got! this was such a fun day.