Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our house has been full of noise the last few days! I can not believe how much my children talk!!

Andy is really starting to pick up on words. He attempts "please" and "thank you" at the appropriate time. I walked into his room to get him up from a nap yesterday and he was flicking the light switch saying "on, off, on, off" He says "hi" to EVERYONE! He says "Hi Dad" and "Hi Mom" and "Hi Sis". This morning, we were walking through the park and he said "walk" then he dropped his cup and shouted "Spill!!!" So a few more to add to his vocabulary. He is such a smartie.

Julie continues to amaze me with what she says and what she thinks about. We were walking up to the pay structure today and Memere and I were asking her who her TV person was. We asked was it Dora? She said, "No, she is not my favorite!" I asked her if Elmo was her favorite? She said, "No, he is not my favorite, I only have one favorite. My favorite is you guys, my family!!!" Yeah, melted us into mush! Sweet girl.

In other news, Julie is starting a new school tomorrow! We have been questioning for a while if her old school was the right place for her right now. She really just seemed to outgrow it and her class in the last few months. So we looked around and found a school that we are all very excited about. It uses the same curriculum as the school district and puts kids in class according to skills and not just age. We are really excited for her to learn and grow in her new class and make many new friends!

She is very excited too! Ever since we told her she would be going to this school, she keeps bringing it up. Like "Tomorrow I need a lunch for my new school." And "I need to wash my hands so they are not sticky for school tomorrow" I hope that she stays excited about school and that this one continues to challenge her!

Updates to follow!!

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Tania said...

Hope it goes well today! Such an exciting time for them! Thankfully they don't really know to be nervous.

And I am not surprised Andy is a talker! He has to try and keep up with Julie! :-)