Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sass n Smarts

Julie has been saying some outrageous things lately. Things that I NEVER want to forget.

At gymnastics last week, she was patiently waiting her turn for the trampoline. The grandpa of the little boy jumping noticed how patient she was and said, "Just a few more jumps, then it is your turn Sweetie."

She gave him a glare that could cut ice and said, "I"m not your Sweetie."

My mom took her to the nursery to buy some flowers this week. The lady behind the counter commented how lucky her grandma was to have all this help. Julie quickly informed her that "my Grandma is old and does not work, this is my Memere and she has a job!!" (Sorry Anne, I had to share, that is just too awesome!)

But the funniest thing I have heard in a very long time, out of her mouth or otherwise, was tonight. We went to Justin and Audrey's house for dinner and she and Uncle Jus were being silly before dinner. She asked to see Justin's tummy. He lifted his shirt and Julie was in awe of the massive amount of hair.

She exclaimed, "You have a beard on your tummy!!!!"

We cracked up! But then, Justin asked, "Does your Daddy have a beard on his tummy?"

She replied, "No, he just has whiskers!"

Now that is one smart girl!! And I can't get enough of her smarts....or her sass!

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Old Grandma said...

How could I be upset with a perfectly accurate comment by my beautifully brilliant granddaughter?!? She comes by her sass and smarts naturally. Hugs from the "old grandma"