Friday, April 30, 2010

The Rest...

After our fun and interesting camping trip, we spent the next few days of our vacation hanging out and doing fun stuff around here.

Julie has started playing an online letters game that she loves! She has figured out how to do the mouse on my laptop and plays away. I sit there and help her if she needs it, but she can do most of it on her own. She loves choosing the letters and playing the little games.
She has also been such a trooper doing her Nebulizer. Well, most of the time anyway.
On the last day off together, I asked Julie what she wanted to do. She said go to gymnastics (which we always do on Thursday) and go to the BIG ZOO! That is what she calls the Santa Barbara Zoo. So we went. It was great to be there on a week day when there was no one around.

The kids got to feed the giant coy in the pond. We had never noticed them before, so it was a new experience.
Ummm, when did my baby get so big?? Look at him!!!
Julie loves going to the big zoo because the have giraffes. Her favorite animal ever is the giraffe. So we were so excited to hear that there were 2 new baby giraffes that came to live there. They were just about as big as the grownup, but they are still beautiful. Julie decided one of them should be named "Bird" Apparently she takes after her mother in the naming of animals.
So that was our family vacation. Luckily, we have another one coming up in just a couple weeks because my sweet little cousin is getting MARRIED!!

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