Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vacation....So Far

Both John and I are on vacation this week, YAY! So we have been doing stuff all week. On Saturday we had a huge yard sale and Lina and the girls came to sell a bunch of stuff. Both my kids love baby Audrey and Julie was really excited to hold her. Which meant that Julie was sitting still for two minutes, so I took a great picture of all four kids!
Then, Sunday, we packed up and headed out to Santa Margarita lake for some camping. Julie had been coughing a bit the few days before, but she seemed fine, so we went for it. Doesn't this look like a boy who has been camping?? And we had only been out there about an hour when this picture.
We had a water faucet right in our campsite...so the kids were happy!
We had a beautiful camp site, this is the view right out of the RV. The weather was awesome, perfect for a walk.
And walk is what we did. The kids enjoyed the scenery.
John made us some awesome hot dogs. Luckily he had plenty of supervision, so they turned out delicious!
This is also about the time where we discovered that Andy is allergic (maybe not allergic, but reacted to the smoke by having his whole face swell up to the point where he can barely see). So we had the fastest smores ever and put the fire out.

Then, that night Julie's cough got really bad. So we kept giving her inhaler and went to bed. about midnight, she woke up SCREAMING! (little back story, when I take medicine, I sometime have night terrors, or hallucinate to the point where I can't even tell what is real. When Julie was in the hospital, she was doing the same thing.) It was obvious that she was having a night terror and was inconsolable. She kept saying "Bad dreams, bad dreams!!" And not waking up enough to be consoled. So John took her home to sleep in her own bed (the good thing about camping 20 minutes away from home).

After a decent night sleep, John and Julie came back, we had breakfast, then packed up and went home.
When we got home, we got unpacked and hit the beach! It was such a beautiful day. The kids had so much fun playing in the water. We could not keep Andy from trying to dive head first into the water!

This morning's activity was taking Julie to the doctor to try to figure out this coughing thing. Basically they think that she has something along the line of allergy induced asthma. She is on a Nebulizer for a while and some allergy meds. Hopefully that will make her breath easier. Other than that, we have been having a great vacation so far!


Kayla said...

Your kiddos are the best thing ever! That pic of John making hotdog with Julie in the background is awesome. I love them sooooooo much! I'm glad you are getting some family time in for the vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel & Family,

thank you for keeping us up to date. I really enjoy reading your posts & watching your kids grow. They are gorgeous. And to note: your "baby boy" is turning into a "big man" very soon : )

Best wishes from Germany, Anne.

Christina said...

I can't wait to add a brunette to that group at the top! (;

Love your camping story. You really sold the idea of camping close to home with little ones. Hope they're both feeling better.