Monday, May 10, 2010

Dance Julie, Dance!

Today was Julie's first dance class at the Community Center. Ever since she found my old tap shoes in a box in the hall closet, she has wanted to tap and sing and jitterbug all over the place! So I signed her up for the first class I could find.

It is a combo class, both tap and ballet. There are only two other kids in her class and they are both under 4 but older than Julie. She was so excited to go, and even though I wasn't able to, Daddy and Grandma say she did awesome! And she had so much fun, she didn't want to leave so they stayed to watch the big kids dance a bit.

They started out by stretching.
Not really sure what they are doing here, another kind of stretching I guess, but whatever it is, they are pretty cute!

"Where is Thumbkin?......"
There is my little dancer!
And I don't know why more dancers don't think of this, but you don't need leg warmers if you just wear you cowgirl boots with your leotard!
The teacher announced that there is going to be a recital in June! So we will see how that goes and how she likes it. I am sure either way, we will be amused by the adorable little girls on stage!

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Beth McDermott said...

A blog (and a baby girl) after my own heart. <3 Oh Julie. You are SO sweet. xo