Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stephen and Sarah Gasch

Stephen and Sarah got married yesterday! Everything about the day was beautiful and sweet. The bride looked amazing and Stephen looked so happy!

The first memory I have of my life is going into the hospital to hold my little baby cousin Stephen the day after he was born. I had to put on a yellow gown and a hat. I was a little over 3 1/2 years old. I remember feeling so privileged to be able to hold him. And now, I feel privileged just to know him and be part of his special day, because he is one of the most caring, genuine, loving people I know. And he married a girl who lives up to every dream I have ever had for my baby cousin.

So on that note, here are the pictures.

The groom and his parents.

Julie did a great job as a flower girl. She was happy throwing the flowers on the ground, then when she got to where we were sitting, she threw her basket down and ran over to her daddy.

The bride. She walked down the aisle with her grandfather. It was very sweet.

The girls. The one in the middle with the long hair is my cousin Mariah. She is beautiful, seriously.
These dresses were made by my amazing and talented Mother! The girls looked so beautiful and the colors were perfect. The dresses fit like a glove and every girl loved them!

It was the most beautiful setting.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gasch.

Andy and his beautiful Aunt Audrey. He is a serious ladies man. Mom, Jus and I. Aren't we pretty?

Arlene and my cousin Mariah.

I love this picture of Julie and Sophia being held by John. Julie is smiling away and Sophia is giving her the "Who the heck are you?" face.

Me and my sweet Geekboy. I LOVE this picture!

These are all the Jutras people that were there. We missed everyone who wasn't able to be there, but man, it was a party!

This picture cracks me up. Andy is climbing up and both Stephen and Sarah are giving him the "Where the hell are your parents" look. My kids get that look a lot....hmmmm.....

The Mother-Son dance. It was very sweet.

And last, but not least, look at these silly gooses!

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