Saturday, February 11, 2012

Date Night!

It might be an unconventional type of date night, but last night, Julie and John went out on a special date and Andy, Sadie and I went on our own special date.

The kids, all ready to go!
John and Julie went to the Father Daughter Dance put on at the Pavilion, and Auntie Audrey!! They went last year and had a blast. So this year, Julie literally could not wait!!!
Daddy and his girls!  Julie really wanted Sadie to go with them (melt!) but we decided when she can dance, she can go. So next year, I am sure she will be shaking her booty right along side her big sister!
This year Joe also took Lina and Audrey to the dance.  The girls were so adorable together!
These sweet girls are such good buddies.
And this is what Andy calls Heaven!
Audrey and Tyson both had camera's there and they were so nice to get me a few pictures.
This year was Lauren's first dance!!! LOVE this picture!!
Looks like it was a super fun party!!!
With the girls (and husbands) out of the house, Heather (and soon to arrive Baby Boy Arnold) and I got to take Andy to do something fun.  Beth arranged a bowling trip, so after a stop at the frozen yogurt place, we went bowling.  Andy had never been before and Sadie was out cold, so between Dawson and I, he got the ball down the lane.  And he thought it was super fun!

Me and my big man!
Go ball go!!!!!
Dawson, such a good kid, helping Andy out.  Andy had a great time playing with the big boys. After every ball he would run back to the moms to cheer. He was so cute.
Heather and I got home just as Joe was getting home to pick up Heather.  Lina was asleep in the back but Audrey was still chatting away.  Joe went on and on about what an awesome time they had and how he couldn't wait til next year.

About 30 minutes later, John and Julie came home saying the same things.  Everyone had a great night, it was fun to hang out with the kids one on one (well, not totally, but Sadie didn't feel like partying). 

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