Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gus....and Some Girl Time

Yesterday evening, our dear friends Joe and Heather joined the 3 kids club!!!  When Heather called and told me she was pregnant, I was only about 5 months along with Sadie. I was so excited I actually screamed into the phone!!

Gus joined his big sisters Lina and Audrey weighing in at 9 lbs 9 ozs!!  Go Heather!! (She did it all natural. Yes, she is Super Woman.)
Sadie and I went to visit him today. He is adorable and mellow and sweet.  He is an Arnold. His hands and feet are huge and his parents are in love with him.  Sadie thought he was pretty swell also.

So congratulations on this baby boy! Two girls and a boy...hmmm, sounds perfect to me!

After I got home from seeing the new little man, Julie, Sadie and I went out for some girl time and shopping. (the boys were going to do boy stuff like go to Home Depot to buy rope) It is hard to believe, but Julie has never really been shopping for clothes for herself before.  We have been so blessed with hand-me-downs and generous grandparents and family members, we just never really had to. But she is getting her own style and she is 5 now, so off we went.  But first, we had to stop in and get a special treat!

We went to the Madonna Inn for some cake!  We split this piece and left over half on the plate.  But everything there is so girly and fun. Julie was in love with the pink sugar! I had to get a cup of coffee just so she could pour it in for me. I usually don't take sugar in my coffee, but if its pink, I will sacrifice.

We had a blast shopping!  Julie loved trying things on. She didn't want any jeans, she loved all the stripes and dots and fun colors. She asked Sadie's opinion about most of the items.  When she was done trying things on she asked, "Mom, don't you need any new clothes?" Love her.

Sigh. When did they get so big?

When we got home the boys were home and Julie and Sadie joined Andy for a nap.  Andy woke up a bit ago and I went in to greet him. He was sleeping with a large thing of rope.  I asked him what that was and he said, "My lasso."  Oh. Ok. Then he said, "Just in case the horses get out of line."  Yup, sounds like boy time was also a success.

I also have a bunch of great pictures and stories to tell about our fun trip to the Aquarium with Grammy and Poppop, but all the pictures are in my Monterey....where we left it.  Dang!!  So Christina and I are taking a road trip tomorrow!!  Luckily someone turned it in.  So stay tuned.

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