Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few Goodies

We are still here! Don't worry!!

Actually, we are all moved and getting settled into our new house!!  We absolutely love our new space and feel so comfortable.

Things have been wild and crazy, but I have taken a few cute pictures that I wanted to make sure everyone got to enjoy.

First of all, a silly gift from Uncle Matt!!!!  So funny and oddly fitting!
And what happens when your baby is born with LOTS of hair?  She gets tortured! Ha!
We ate frozen yogurt a few times, but Julie took this picture to show Uncle Monster her ice cream.  Squirt of vanilla, squirt of chocolate, squirt of strawberry, just how they like it.  She looks way too grown up in this shot.
The three snuggled before bed.  This makes my heart melt.
As does this.  They love each other. And miss each other, even when they are asleep.
Andy was so funny, he got tired when we first got the keys to our new place.  We had nothing in the house that he could cuddle up with or sleep on. So he just slept on the floor.
Yeah, she is just too smiley and happy.  She likes her hat from Aunt Sharron.
"Mommy!  Take a picture of us!!"
And last but not least, our new view.  Yes, it is rustic, peaceful and so comfortable.
Yup, we are some happy Hunters!

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