Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welp, we did it, took the kids to Disneyland. Let me just say that I am so happy we waited as long as we did!! Disneyland is a big, intimidating place, but the kids had a blast, loved everything, and can't wait to go back.

This is obviously going to be picture heavy.

This was the first ride after a 4 hour drive.  Luckily, since we went on a Tuesday and Wednesday, there were no lines.
This is how Sadie felt about the whole thing.  She was a great sport, sleeping  a good part of the time.
Flying elephants!
Rapunzel was the first princess we met.  The kids loved her. For a few brief moments, Julie even claimed she was her new favorite....until we met Cinderella of course.
Julie hitching a ride while looking at the map.
Yeah, who would have guessed that the bumper cars were the kids favorite ride!  You can see Andy and John in the background gaining ground on Memere and Julie.
On the caterpillar ride.
Us with the big kids.  I was getting tired by this point, which is very clear in this picture!
The next morning was Julie's birthday!!!  We got to the park right when it opened, did a couple rides, then Julie had an appointment at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique thanks to Grammy and Poppop.  She was so excited since we had seen little princesses walking around the day before.

She even came ready in her Cinderella dress.
Her fairy godmother brushed out her "hair".
And covered her in glitter.
She got her nails done. And her makeup.
And this was the finished princess product.  She loved how everyone who saw her sash and her birthday button said "Happy Birthday".
And this is what Andy Jus calls heaven.  This trip rekindled his love for Woody and Buzz.  He was so excited to see Woody!
And he couldn't wait to hug Jessie either.
He was also excited to meet Aladdin.
Daddy took a turn with Andy's ears.  Goober.
We went to a princess lunch at California Adventure.  It was a really good way to meet all of the princesses.  And eat yummy food.

Julie and Ariel had a nice visit.
Then it was Belle.
And Snow White.
Cinderella planted a big kiss on Andy's forehead.  He wouldn't let us wipe off the lipstick.
Yup, once again, she is Julie's favorite.
Sleeping Beauty held Andy's hand. He liked her best I think.
Here is Sadie hanging out with Memere while we chased kids chasing princesses. 
At the end of lunch they brought Julie a Happy Birthday brownie and we sang to her.  It was fun.  She was a little embarrassed. It was adorable.
The Hunter Family Action Pack!! Yahoo!
And last but not least, this sweet boy with his souvenir Lotso Huggin Bear.  This thing has not left his side.
Just one more quick story.  During the parade the first night, Julie had just gotten her Birthday Button and was wearing it proud.  Everyone who works there has to say Happy Birthday if they see the button.  So everyone in the parade, dancers, princesses, etc, were saying or mouthing Happy Birthday to her.  Captain Hook came along and saw her button. His costume was similar to Woody's, big plastic head, huge hat.  He came right up to her face and gave her a big thumbs up.  She took it in stride, smiled and the parade went on.  (About the same time a woman dressed as a monkey from Lion King came face to face with Andy and he didn't notice! He was too busy watching the Lion!! She had to tap his shoulder. So funny!)

So the next night, we went to the parade right as we were leaving.  As soon as Captain Hook came around the corner, Julie flew a foot off the curb, ran and hid behind John, wrapping her head in his shirt. Apparently he had frightened her a little more than she led on!

Yes, it was an awesome trip.  We were there 8-10 hours a day, going non stop.  Next time we might be getting the 3 day pass!  I honestly had no idea we would like it as much as we did, of course, having no lines and nice weather helped a lot. I can't wait to go back!

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The Studes said...

What a great way,to spend julie's birthday! She looks fantastic as a little princess