Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sweetness

It is true, I am a little biased, but my 3 children are amazing.

They like to cuddle on the couch before bed. It seriously brings chills when the kids beg to include Sadie. They love her. So much.
Andy has been particularly sweet lately (although, he has had some strong moments of being a 3 year old boy).
There was a particular moment not too long ago that I never want to forget.  We were all playing at a park in San Luis.  Sadie fell asleep in the Ergo while the big kids played.  We were going to head downtown after the park to get a bite to eat.  Since she was asleep, I didn't want to load Sadie into her car seat, so Andy and I decided to walk the few blocks while Julie and Daddy moved the car. 

As we were walking down the sunny street, Andy was holding my hand talking non stop about all the randomness a 3 year old talks about.  Then he paused. Let out a big sigh and said, "Mommy, I'm happy."

He then went on to talk about how I was always happy, and how our family was happy, and that made him happy.  I let him talk, mostly because it was one of the the sweetest thing I had heard in my life. But also because of the large lump in my throat and the tears running down my face.

Today, after school he presented me with this.  I love it.
Then there are the moments he means well, but things just don't come out right. Like this morning when I was dropping him off at school he said, "Sadie is such a great baby sister....especially when she is asleep."  I love that boy.

Speaking of great baby sister, she is 12 weeks today.  We got out the pod seat tonight and she tried it out for a few minutes. It was a huge hit! Her head was a little bobby, but not bad and she was happy sitting up watching everything!  She is "talking" to us all the time, cooing and squawking.
And of course, our big 5 year old lights our days. She has taken being 5 very seriously.  She loves to strap Sadie in her car seat (double checked by Mom of course) and helps with everything from feeding to diapering to picking out her clothes.
Tomorrow night she is going to the Father Daughter Dance with Daddy and she can't wait.  She is such a big help, I am so happy she gets some special time with her Daddy.  Tonight as she came down the stairs with pj's for all 3 of them, she said, "I am so excited about the Daddy Daughter Dance!!" Adorable.

I love these three and every sweet thing they have to say.

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