Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Andy is 4?!?!?

How on earth is my big boy 4?? I just can't wrap my head around it! But alas, he is. So we have started the celebration!

He doesn't go to school on Wednesdays, so we brought cupcakes to his class on Tuesday instead.  John, the girls and I all got there right in time to hear his classmates sing to him. It was adorable and he loved it.
The cupcakes were pretty tasty too.  All the kids in his class are so sweet. Every single one of them said thank you to me for the cupcakes. My kids are surrounded by such great friends.

We couldn't let his birthday go by without a little something, since his big party is this weekend. After a small setback in the morning (think throw-up......all over the back seat of John's truck) we decided he was still up for company. So he asked if Memere and Grammy, Uncle Sean and Pop-pop could come over for pizza.  We had a great dinner and he got to open his gifts from his sisters, us and Memere.  He had already gotten awesome new cowboy boots from Grammy and Pop-pop.  Have to admit, seems like in this house, age 4 is when they really get into gifts. This year, he is diggin' the presents.

He thought the bubble blower Sadie picked out was pretty cool.
I love the way Julie is looking at him in this picture.
And he thought the Thomas Fish Market set that Julie got him was awesome.
He wasn't too interested in cake. He was so excited to go play with his new toys that he blew out his candles before we even finished singing and didn't even have a piece of cake!

He had a rough start, but I think this birthday boy had a pretty great day.  And we can't wait to party on Sunday!

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