Saturday, September 1, 2012


I feel like this has been a wonderful, tiring, and educational week.

Julie just had her first full week of kindergarten.  I still can't believe we have a kindergartner!!  She has been to school a total of 8 days, and she has already changed the "e" at the end of her name from an "E" to an "e" which may not seem like a big difference, but it only took 8 days for her to learn that the "J" should be capital but the rest lower case.

She is still very excited to go every day. Getting herself dressed, her hair brushed and her back pack packed.  It seems like she is learning a lot and making friends.  John and I went to back to school night on Thursday and learned more about her school routine.  There was already art up on the walls with Julie's name on it. That sealed the deal, we have a kid in school! Her work is right there on the wall!

Julie also started soccer last week. Andy doesn't start until the 19th (soccer on his birthday, yay!)

Andy is now in Pre-K at the preschool, pointing out whenever he can that he will be in Kindergarten next year. He only goes 2 days a week but is loving it. He is also still thriving in his one on one time, or time to be the big kid while Julie is at school.  He is also having lots of fun helping us plan his 4th birthday party! I can't believe our little boy will be 4!

This is pretty much Andy's life with his sisters. He wants affection, they want his stuff. In this case, his water bottle.

All 3 kids are eating like crazy right now. They must be growing! Sadie just got most of her 9 month clothes packed away and her 12 month put in her dresser.  She is crawling and climbing and very active. She has 3 teeth on the top now too, so it is a little easier giving her food, she just chomps it up with her front teeth.  She is still long and thin, being so active its not surprising.  She is has been cruising the couch for about a week, but now she is cruising on anything she can reach and even transferring from the couch, to the coffee table, to the dog....whatever is there, she uses it to walk.  Won't be long, I'm sure.

Here she is with 2 of her favorites on her face, avocado and black beans.
I am working a ton right now because it's that time of the year where we close the books from the previous fiscal year.  Makes such a busy week seem that much more busy. Even though I try not to work a lot extra when the kids would notice (like I go in at night, after they are in bed) it still takes its toll. Only a few more weeks and things will be mellowed out on the work front.

We just got home from playing with some great friends and it's time for a nap.  This week feels like an accomplishment. Looking forward to what next week has in store!

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Christina said...

You have such a busy family! So many changes! Glad to be a part of it. (;