Monday, September 24, 2012

Party Time!!

 Sunday night we had, I have to admit, a rip roaring party for our big 4 year old boy.

Andy was so excited to go pick out his own cake. He picked Dinosaur Train, which he loves.  Dinosaurs and trains. What is not to love??
Before the party, Andy got a few cuddles with his Memere. Didn't last long, since the bounce house had already arrived. In fact, it got here really early, which was wonderful because the kids bounced and bounced and I was able to get ready for the party!
The friends started to arrive and I wish I could have gotten a picture of every one!
The kids (and a few Uncles and Aunts) loved the bounce house. It had a slide in it. Enough said.
Julie....our party animal. She cracks me up!

The pinata was the most adorable little triceratops you have ever seen. I almost felt bad as the kids beat it with a bat. Every child had their own style of hitting the pinata each equally awesome but not super effective.

We asked Colby to go last, since he was the most proficient (studly) with the bat. He almost finished the pinata off.
In the end, John had to help them out. The kids were stoked. Andy was mostly excited about the noise maker.
We loved that Carter was able to come to the party! He is exactly one week old. Julie was one week old when she went to Anabelle's first birthday. Man, that seems like a long time ago. But we are touched that he came to our party and that his brave parents were up to it.
This year, Andy was obsessed with gifts. It's true. He blew out his candles before we even finished singing. I think he was hoping it would get him to presents a little faster.

Uncle Monster got this picture of our sweet man. Probably one of my all time favorites.
He didn't wait for us to finish singing, but at least he clapped for us when we were done!
And then it was time for presents.

He really liked Uncle Justin's wrapping job.
But he liked the tractor inside even more.
And a "Tiny" dinosaur. He was in heaven.
My helpers. Love these pretty girls.
Andy had lots of help opening his gifts. He didn't seem to mind in the least!
Andy was wiped out after the excitement of presents. After a few snuggles with Mom, however, he was back to bouncing.
 The girls on the other hand....they were party animals! As usual.
The big man had a great day and, after a huge wrestle fight in the bounce house, crashed out surrounded by gifts still in their boxes.  The back yard was pretty much cleaned up thanks to our wonderful family and friends. John and I went to bed early feeling grateful to be surrounded by so much love and generosity. 

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