Saturday, September 8, 2012

Number Lover

And I am not talking about me!!

Julie has always been a number girl too. But the other night, on the walk home from Grandma Hazels we had this conversation:

Julie: When we get home can we read books?
Me: You and Andy can pick out 1 each.
Julie: Uhh, only 2 books??
Me: What if you picked out 2 each?
Julie: That would be 4.
Me: 3 Each?
Julie: 6 books

This continued all the way to 7 or 14 total.  Then, it went on to this:

Me: What if you and Andy picked out 2 and Sadie picked out 1.
Julie: 5 total
Me:  You and Andy picked out 3 each and Sadie picked out 1.
Julie: (without missing a beat) That would be very unfair. But 7.

Love my sassy number lover.

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