Wednesday, October 17, 2012

11 Months Down

 And only 1 month to go before Sadie's first birthday!!!!

This is going to be a picture heavy one because we went to the park tonight and she was just having so much fun in that swing!

 Sadie is still a happy girl. She is happy when we go to the doctors office. She is happy at Memere's and Grandma's. She is happy when the big kids are there, and maybe a little less happy when they aren't.  She looks up to her big brother and sister and thinks they are hysterical. She laughs at their silliness and cries when they are sad.

She says "Momma" and "Dadda".  The other night, she was sitting on the floor and John said, "Hi Sadie!" and she said, "Hi Dadda!"

She still gives kisses with a big open mouth and LOTS of tongue!

Doesn't she need a halo in this one??  Don't let her fool you. She has her naughty side.  No drink is safe with her around. She will knock it over, or put her hand right in it.  She sneaks off with the big kids toys when they aren't looking. She usually doesn't get to far because her own shenanigans make her giggle, catching the attention of Julie and Andy.
 She likes to wave at everyone! When we are on a walk, every car gets a wave. And a smile, of course.
She has lots of teeth! Actually, probably the same as last month, 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom. But, they are growing in really fast, so they are long already. And they show in her sweet smile.
Sadie isn't quite walking yet. She has taken a step or two, and she can stand on her own for a good 20-30 seconds.  But she is still content crawling and climbing. Not being able to walk doens't slow her down in the least.

When you ask, "How big is Sadie??" this is what you get.  We taught all three of our kids this fun little trick, and it seriously never gets old.
This was from the other day at Avila Valley Barn. I just couldn't resist adding it in because she's so funny, and confused about this big orange thing in front of her. She is using her silly pretend smile.
Oh Sadie Jo, we love you so! Can't wait to celebrate your big birthday with you next month!

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