Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Goodbye

On Saturday night we got the news that Mimi passed away.  She had fallen a week or so before and just couldn't recover.

Every single time we went to her house, she was excited to see us. Even though she had seen us every week, at least once a week, for years now. She would ask how I was, how the kids and job were treating me, ask about my day. She was so caring and so genuinely interested in everything you had to say.  She told me all the time how great my kids were, and I know she really meant it.

She used to sit on the porch, near Andy's huge train table and watch him play.  He would talk to her the whole time. Most of the time she couldn't understand or hear what he was saying, but she was there with him and he loved it. He told her the name of every train. He told her all his grand plans for his trains.

Both Julie and Andy would crawl up in her chair with her and a book. They would tell her all about the pictures. And again, usually she couldn't hear them or see them, but neither party cared, they just liked to be together.

Mimi's warmth and sincerity will be missed. She will be missed.  She is a woman I feel privileged to have known.


Christina said...

This is so sweet.

Kayla said...

I completely agree. I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with her. We always enjoyed the times we housesat and were able to spend a week or so with her listening to her stories. A wonderful woman!