Friday, October 26, 2012

Cut n Gut 2012

For years now we have been carving pumpkins with Chris and Kayla.  But this is the first year that Julie and Andy have been awake for the whole party!  They both got to cut their own pumpkins (although, I did most of their gutting for them).

Andy loved getting to use the knife.
Julie and Uncle Monster collaborating.
Hard at work. Not sure how Kayla managed to avoid being in every single picture.
Finished products were pretty impressive.  Here is Johns:
And Chris (the sneering man) and Kay's (the kitty!):
Julie's! She really did most of this on her own.  Notice the "J" on it's cheek.
Andy got a little more help, but he still did a lot of the cutting. He was very proud of his final product.
And mine.

After the kids went to bed, we cleaned up and the pumpkins took on a life of their own!
Another successful "Cut n Gut" and now our house looks really ready for Halloween!