Friday, October 5, 2012

Beach Day

I have been trying to do this blog all week, but I just never could find the time, energy, or feel like I would do it justice.

Last Saturday, after soccer and John and Chris got off work, we hit the beach with Auntie Kay and Uncle Monster.  When the kids and I got home from soccer, there was a boogie board waiting by the front door. We have asked around but we can't figure out where it came from! It has 3 turtles on it, just like John's new tattoo.   So, if anyone has any information on it, send them my way! And thank you!!

The weather was absolutly perfect. And I can honestly say that we had way more fun than I have had at the beach since I was a small child.

The kids dug in the sand and played in the waves.
When I took this picture, Andy actually said, "I am just having too much fun digging my hole, I can't look at you!"
Chris and I boogie boarded! Like, whole body in the freezing water, riding the waves to shore. What a blast! It was so fun! The waves were big (well, but for us old folks on a boogie board) and Kayla was spotting us while John and the kids sat on the sand and watched (most of the time shaking their heads wanting nothing to do with it!)
Sadie was a little apprehensive of the sand. And the water. She much more enjoyed watching Julie, Andy, Daddy and Uncle Monster build their sand tower.
The tide was coming in and their construction area was eventually flooded.
But not before Uncle convinced Sadie to get her hands a little dirty.  Look at Auntie Kay looking all pretty back there.
We started packing up as the sun went behind the mountain. We were all covered in sand, Kayla and Sadie were the only ones that didn't need to use the outdoor shower to eliminate what we could of the sand before we got in the car. I think we would have stayed longer if the sun (and our growling stomachs) had allowed it.

We went to our favorite fish restaurants for dinner and it was a very quite car ride home with sleeping kids and content adults.  It was one of those nights where you plop down on the couch and say, "Wow, best day ever."

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