Saturday, October 20, 2012

Colony Days

This morning the kids (and therefore, John and I) were in the Colony Days Parade. The kids had a blast riding in the back of the truck. We were technically doing it for Julie's soccer team, but only 2 other team members showed up, so there were actually more kids in the back of the truck that weren't on the team. But no matter what, it was a lot of fun.
This is Julie and Andy with River and Iris. These two kids are so cool. They have so much fun together. And they have a baby brother Moses who is just a few months older than Sadie.
Andy is a bit smitten with Iris. He has been talking about her all afternoon.  Can't blame him, she is adorable.
Go Green Dragons! John was driving and the rest of us parents walked (jogged) behind them.
We had a great crowd cheering us on. We saw Uncle Justin and Lauren, Sue, Memere, and this silly bunch.
It was not quite as relaxing as sitting and watching the parade, but still a great time.

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Woo hoo from the silly bunch!