Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby Shower for the Cisneros Family!

Yesterday was exceptionally beautiful and we took advantage of it by having a super fun baby shower for Christina and Brian....and Everett too.

We had it at Phil and Gion's which is always a great place to have a party.  I did all the invitations and some carrot cupcakes. The decorations were mostly done by Christina herself. I almost felt bad about asking her to do the decorations for her own shower, but she did 10 times the job I could have. Everything looked fantastic!
And of course there was a ton of delicious food! It is hard to tell, but around the top of this room is some of the paper chain from Sadie's shower. I love the connection between our two girls already!

The bright colors looked so good with the dark wood. And look at those presents! Yipee!

There were a ton of kids there to help us celebrate. It is so fun seeing all the kids running all over the place. My kids came home and slept all afternoon. They had a blast playing with their buddies.

All the girls hanging out on the swing. You can see Christina's cute little baby bump in this one.
We moved inside from the sunshine for just a bit to watch the parents open gifts.

Pretty sisters! So thankful they were there to help me out. Its tough helping out with a shower and keeping an eye on 3 busy kids! Sadie especially was determined to climb on top of the picnic table or fall off the porch!
Andy gave Everett lots of big brother advice....well, actually, they just played with the rocks. No need to be deep all the time...
Julie and her new buddy Payton. They were so adorable, comparing loose teeth and kindergarten tales. They are both the oldest, each having a younger brother and sister. So these sweet girls had a lot to talk and commiserate about! Love seeing them make friends so easily.
It was a beautiful day with amazing friends. I hope Christina, Brian and baby girl feel loved and prepared. The first baby is so exciting because of the unknown.  The second (and on) baby is so exciting because of the known and unknown.  We don't know what she will look like or what her personality will be. But we know that we will love her and she will fit right into her amazing family.

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Christina said...

Awww. Love you so much! It was a beautiful, wonderful day! It's hard to be fully prepared, but we're closer to having the "stuff" part down. We have so many amazing people in our lives. We are very lucky! <3