Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grammy's Brithday!!

On Christmas eve we had a fun family dinner to celebrate Anne's birthday.  We are always lucky we get to celebrate her birthday with her and it's a great excuse to throw a party and get all the family together.

Before the crowd arrived, we had a little Christmas with just Grammy and Pop Pop. The kids were beyond excited for Grammy's party and for presents. 
Andy loved every gift he opened. And loved even more ripping them open and putting things together. He has been a playing machine ever since.
Sadie is a major "Grammy's Girl" so it was pretty easy to find her all evening.
Again, so excited.
Sadie got a cool new purse! And Julie got a fun little dog and lego set....she was too busy playing to get a picture.
Before long, Mom came over bearing a bunch of delicious food. Jus, Audrey, Lauren, Sean, Grandma Hazel, Grandma CC, Uncle Chris, Chris and Kayla and the entire Gasch Clan soon trickled in.
Sadie and Lauren had some nice girl time. Just a little chance to catch up over dinner.
Silly kids! Julie can't take a serious picture these days.
I am so happy we were able to get a shot of the cousins! Of course there were some missing, but at least we got one. This will have to be a new tradition!
Audrey and I were commenting on how we wore complimentary outfits, so we had to get a picture.
Here is a little piece of the Gasch Clan. It was nice to get to see Carter on his first Christmas!
Sadie and Sarah had matching outfits too...well, at least the same color. And they were both wearing cowgirl boots.
Say Cheese!  Love my cousins!
Singing Happy Birthday to Grammy. The kids each got to make a cake for the party. They love helping in the kitchen and it worked out great that we had to make two to have enough for the whole party.
After some more gifts and lots of laughs, it was time to say good-night. The kids put on their jammies, put out milk and cookies for Santa, oatmeal and carrots for the reindeer. Then it was off to bed. After the fun night we had, there was not a peep out of any of them. So happy birthday Grammy! We love you so much and love getting to celebrate your birthday with you!

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