Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up (at 7!!!!! That NEVER happens!) and we all ran out into the living room to see if Santa had come! Sure enough, he didn't forget the Hunters. He brought Andy a new train, Sadie a rocking horse, and Julie a Barbie makeup kit.

You may be able to tell that Santa slightly misjudged the height of our ceiling. But it all worked out.

Julie was super excited about her makup and has been all "done up" ever since.
Silly kids playing in their teepee. They even slept in it last night!
John and Andy were quick to work on their new Lego creations.  Andy is a little impatient, but he is getting the hang of it.
Sadie loved watching Andy run his new train. He loved showing her how it works.
And of course Sadie took a few long rides on her horse.  She climbed up on her all by herself.  We have decided the horse is named Butterscotch. But she has the right to change it when she gets older.
We got the big kids razor scooters. Julie pulled hers out of the box and took off on it! She was zooming all over the kitchen and up and down the hallway. Then we went outside and she was all over the driveway and street.
Andy was surprisingly good on his too, maybe slightly less daring than Julie, but still really balanced. Though they both ate road a few times, they loved them.
Sadie and Memere sneaked in a few snuggles.
Soon Uncle Justin, Aunt Audrey and Cousin Lauren came over to do more gifts.  My mom got me a basketball hoop! She also got the kids and I new basketballs.
Sadie just kicked back and watched. Then liked walking through all the wrapping paper and toys.
Cousin Lauren was awesome at opening gifts this year!
Andy loves his new punching bag. On the other side it has Hulk Hogan on it. The kids have no idea who that is but it gave us all a laugh!
After we put together my basketball hoop and played in the front yard for a while. Justin and Audrey took Lauren home for her nap and Chris and Kayla came to hang out for a bit.  Then they and Memere went on their way and we were left home alone, just the 5 of us. So we all went back to bed! Actually, Julie found a better place to take her nap.
In the evening, Grandma Hazel came over for a quiet dinner of leftovers. The kids showed her every toy they received, no matter how big or little. She and John sat at the table for a long time chatting while the kids and I cuddled and played. It was the perfect evening and a great end to a fun Christmas.

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