Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Fun Part 2

Last Friday we went to the San Luis Parade with the Arnolds. We are so lucky to have these sweet friends in our lives!!

Sadie and Eli got a few cuddles in before the parade started.  It took Eli a bit to catch her, but she was just playing hard to get.
We actually got a picture with all 5 of us!  It doesn't happen very often.   Helped that John had Sadie contained and there was hope of the parade starting any minute.
Julie got some snuggles with Gus. Audrey was a little protective of her little brother. She kept a watchful eye on Julie while she had him.
Holy moly that's a big group of kids! Fun where ever we go!

The Sunday before last I (along with Chris, Kayla and my mom) went to the Santa Margarita Tree Lighting.  It was down at the park and they had hot cocoa and cookies!  The kids had WAY too much sugar, but it was a great, hometown celebration. 

Andy got a little ride from Uncle Monster....actually, I think Chris was attempting to contain him...
He was a bit sweeter to Auntie Kay.

Such a beautiful tree!  After it was all lit up, Memere took Sadie home and Chris, Kayla and I took the kids caroling to older folks homes who couldn't come to the tree lighting on the flat bed hay trucks. It was fun, but the kids were so wired on sugar we ended up walking all the way home. 
Sadie got in the "tree mood" though, and we catch her doing this every once in a while.

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