Friday, December 7, 2012

Tis the Season: Part 1

Hooray for the Holidays!!

We have already started celebrating at the Hunter House! On Thanksgiving we dug out the decorations and the next day we started stringing lights.  We all know how much John love lights, so it didn't take long for him and me to light up the front yard.  There is a little more that isn't shown here, hard to capture it all!
Last weekend I took the big kids on a special date, just the 3 of us. We went to the movies and watched Polar Express. The kids had a blast talking to Santa, drinking cocoa and eating sugar cookies and popcorn. I had a blast too, doting on my big kids and watching the awe in the face.
That night we were going to go to the Holiday Walk Around the Lake, but the weather didn't cooperate. So we had the Arnolds and Cisneros families over for a movie night. We had amazing hot cocoa with candy canes.  I have to admit that none of us really watched the movies. The kids played and we parents talked. It was wonderful!

The big kids all were way too busy to sit for pictures. But I did get one of these two sweeties! Sadie and Augustus are only 3 months apart (about the same age difference as Julie and Lina) and are already great buddies!
This week is shaping up to be pretty hectic, so we squeezed in getting our Christmas Tree tonight.  Sadie had fun walking all over the tree lot! Yes, she walks everywhere now. No crawling for this girl.

I didn't get any shots of Julie and Andy at the tree lot because they were way too busy in the bounce house. Oh well, made bed time easier!  Julie somehow managed to loose a shoe though. Not sure how it happened. We went in with 2 though, I am sure of it!

We got home and the kids waited patiently (enter sarcasm here) while we set up the lights. Then Julie and Andy hung ornaments everywhere they could reach.  Julie even got the stool out. Most of the lower ones have already been taken off thanks to the little walking monster above.

Andy got to pick out a new ornament the other day. Of course he picked out a dinosaur, a stegosaurus to be exact.
Sadie had a lot of fun carrying around this ball ornament and beads. She also got a hold of John's cup of egg nog (not spiked, don't worry) and took a swig.  She wasn't a fan because she immediately spit it down her shirt!
Here is the finished product. Amazing how we have had the stockings up for a week, but the tree, now that makes it Christmas!
I can guarantee much more Christmas outings, and all kinds of other fun. So stay tuned!

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Kayla said...

Phew! The pressure to bring the kids back to you with 2 shoes is lowered! Next time we go to the park and Andy loses his Croc somewhere in a hole, I won't be so stressed out about it! Haha!