Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Morning

Of course we were all excited to see if Santa came.....but the kids were a bit over excited, waking up at 5 AM!!! I blamed John, saying it must have been some sort of payback for waking early when he was little.

Sadie got exactly what she wanted for Christmas. Her very own umbrella!
Andy got a creature power suit that he has barely taken off. He loves playing all kinds of creatures!
These sisters are the cutest friends. They had a lot of fun opening their stockings together.
Julie got an American Girl Doll that she named Roserella. She looks just like Julie.
After playing with their new toys for a bit, Memere, Grammy and Pop Pop came over with MORE presents! Everyone was a little excited.

Sadie had a few wardrobe changes throughout the day. I tried to catch them all, but not sure if I was successful.
Andy in his creature power suit and "night vision goggles" that are basically goggles with little lights on them. He thinks they are awesome and was sneaking around the house in the dark with them on.
Trying out Andy's rocket from Uncle Justin and Aunt Audrey.
He also got this super awesome game from Auntie Bess that he happens to be amazing at.
We had the family over for lunch. It was a lot of fun and very relaxed. The kids were running all over, playing with their new gifts. We spent some time outside playing on Julie's new scooter and Andy's new skate board.

The girls set up Sadie's new tent from Aunt Arlene and camped out in the living room before going to visit Grandma Hazel. All in all a great Christmas.

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