Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Vacation

By some small miracle, John and I both got Thanksgiving week off. It was not a payroll week and John was able to swap a vacation. All 3 kids were off of school. We felt like we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a couple days away, just the 5 of us. It felt amazing to hit the road and just have a blast with our little family.

Our first stop was Midevil Times. Andy loved the suits of armor. But he majorly loved the falcon that swooped over our heads during the show. He was also a fan of the sword fighting, causing sparks and men to flip all over the arena.
Sadie loved cheering for the yellow night and booing all the other nights. She was so into it. Never missed a chance to yell and cheer for her night.
Julie was in awe of the amazing horses and all their tricks. They were beautiful and rode so well. She was overjoyed when our night threw her a flower.
A few of the actors came out after and the big kids wanted a picture with the Master of Ceremonies. He obliged. Sadie would go nowhere near him. Even though she was the most vocal in the show.

The next morning we got up and headed down to San Diego for LegoLand. Right when we walked in, we found Lego Santa! He was awesome! And as you can tell, it was a beautiful day!
 Sadie was so excited to get to drive her own car! They had them split into ages so she didn't even get run over!
 Hi Mom!!
 Andy and Julie had a blast on their track too. In bigger cars. When they were finished, the got little drivers licenses. Thank goodness they were pretend!
 Focused driver!
 This was Daddy's favorite Lego lady.
 All the Lego Christmas decorations were so festive and ornate. They made the whole place beautiful. And they had some special sledding and tubing "rides" just for the season. So fun!
 We enjoyed our lunch listening to this great quartet singing Christmas carols.
 I don't ride too many rides because they make me sick, but I did enjoy this plane tide with Sadie!
 These jousting horses were fun after seeing "real" jousting at MidEvil times the night before.

 Sadie thought they were great. But was to focused to look at me for a picture.
 We sent this picture to Arlene, since she loves Elvis!
 Sadie wouldn't go near this huge Darth Vader, but the bigs weren't scared!
 Sadie and Daddy with Buddy.
 We found this statue and we all were reminded of Pop Pop. Just needed a pipe and he would be all set!
 This was as we were leaving the park. We got there right before the park opened and they were closing the gates behind us. It was a great day and we are excited to go again!
The next morning Sadie was a little grumpy. And this picture was just too funny not to include.  But she did like getting to sleep on the top bunk of the hotel bunk bed!
 Luckily she snapped out of it by the time we got to Knott's.
 Sadie and Daddy on a glider plane ride. All 4 of them went on this at least 5 times.
 And on the Mexican Hat Dance ride. The big kids went on crazy big kid rides while John and Sadie went on these, so I couldn't get pictures of them.

This was one of the favorite rides of the day. It was a silly little ride, but all the kids loved it.
 The big kids basically pushed Sadie all the way because they pumped way faster. But that was half the fun.
We all had a blast at Knott's. Our favorite was Snoopy on Ice. But we also enjoyed the log ride and our delicious lunch at Johnny Rocket's! They were closing the gates behind us at this park as well. Such a fun trip and it wasn't a surprise that all the kids were asleep within minutes of getting in the car. We know we will visit each park again, but for now, great memories were made.

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