Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Fun with the Hammers!

There are a few holiday activities we love to do with the Hammers.  One of them is the Margarita Tree Lighting. It's so much fun to get all bundled up, going to sing in the park, then pile into trailers and go all over town singing to the older folks.
Of course there is lots of coffee and hot cocoa involved.
This year we even decorated ourselves with battery operated lights. It made finding all the kids (and John and Chris) much easier.
This will likely be the last year that Andy will be getting on Chris's shoulders. But he loves it while it lasts!
Another holiday favorite is cookie baking. Every year (for at least 8 years, so not as long as 'Cut n Gut' but still a long time) Kay and I like to get together and bake up a storm.  We didn't take any pictures but Chris got some great ones of the kids decorating the sugar cookies.

This is how the kids get to help and they give Kay and I a little more room in the kitchen by getting out of the way!
Sadie had a hard time keeping the frosting on the cookies.
Even Uncle Monster decorated a few. Bunny ears!!
After the cookies were done, cleaned up and way too many eaten, we headed over to Cambria to walk through their holiday lights.  The girls loved this Alice in Wonderland tea party.
Andy loved getting extra snuggles with his little sis.
Such pretty girls!
And finally, a picture of all 4 of us! These are few and far between but I love this one that Julie took of us!

We love the Hammers and all the holiday fun!  Nothing better than great friends, especially when Christmas lights and cookies are involved!

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Uncle Monster said...

What a wonderful blog post and series of adventures and activities. You Hunters help make the holidays for us, and we love you for it. Another awesome year-end in the books. Viva Hunter/Hammer Christmas Super Block Happy Times and Fish Concern.