Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some Random Holiday Shots

The night we got our Christmas tree this year, Sadie was feeling very under the weather. But she held it together long enough to decorate the tree and smile with her brother and sister.
Love these silly girls and how much they love their daddy. He loves having them climb all over him, even if his face says otherwise. 
The girls were excited to wear their aprons, even though I am pretty sure we weren't actually doing any baking when I took this picture. They still looked super adorable.
Or course we had to go see Santa!! Julie asked for an American Girl Doll. Andy asked for Wild Kratz gear. Sadie wanted nothing to do with Santa this year, again. But she stood in the doorway and yelled at him, "I want an umbrella and I am not going to sit on your lap!!"  But she did stand next to him long enough for a picture.

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