Friday, December 19, 2014

Class Parties

This year I got to help out with Julie's Holiday Class Party. I also got to pop into Andy's class too. It was fun to see them in their element enjoying their classes.

First stop was to see Santa. I missed Andy's class visiting him, but I got to see Julie. She looks all together too grown up in this picture!
  Andy was way more interested in eating the cookie he decorated than talking to me or smiling for a picture. But he's adorable either way.
I love that Mrs Teel wanted to take a picture of me and my girl. I can't believe I have a second grader. Shes so awesome.
All the kids had a blast building their graham cracker houses.  They took their time and did a great job.

I don't help out in the kids classes too often, but when I do, I am reminded of what a great environment my kids get to be in every day. Their teachers are amazing and I am truly grateful for them.

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