Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ball Of Fire

We have always called Julie a ball of fire, because she is one. But lately she has become a ball of fire with a lot to say. I wanted to share a few of the "conversations" we have had recently.

This morning John was sleeping because he worked a graveyard last night. Andy was crying wanting to be fed and Julie got right in his face and said, "Baby SHHHHH (with finger over her mouth) Daddy nigh-night!"

Every time we are in the car it is "window down!"

If you ask her what her name is, her response changes, but this week it is "Pretty"

Mom, Justin, Audrey and I went to the Elfin Forrest yesterday. When we got to the top of the hill, Julie looked out at the estuary and said "WOW!"

When we were getting ready to go to the Elfin I kept saying "we are going to see Auntie Audrey and Uncle Justin" She would chime in "And Poppy!"

I love all the talking she is doing. It is really fun and you never know what she is going to say next!

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Beth McDermott said...

Awe, Julie.
I felt like at 2, my kids were suddenly what I always pictured motherhood like. She is getting SO FUN, this Christmas will be a BLAST.
It was so great to see you last night... the kids had a blast its fun to get them together outside of 'the norm' I love watching them all enjoy eachother's company like that. Look at us, were, like, real live grown ups now!