Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It has been a few days....

I thought I would give everyone an update. Only one really exciting thing has happened, and that is Andy started smiling. It is the sweetest, most amazing thing you have ever seen. I have been trying to take a picture, but it is not really working. This is the only one I have gotten, and it is more of a smirk. He has a cute, lopsided smile that will melt any heart.
We also went to the opening ceremony for the Atascadero Veterans Memorial and Julie is now obsessed with airplanes. The ceremony was beautiful and we got to spend time with Memere, cousin Mariah and Uncle Justin.

Then I got to go to a little party at my mom's house and see Christina (who just started her very own blog!!! www.brian-and-christina.blogspot.com. I am so excited because I will get to know what she is up to, even if it is just over the Internet!). It was nice to get to spend some time with her and she painted us an amazing dove painting for Andy's room. I will get pictures up of his room soon, but there's one more thing that we need before I do that. In the mean time, here are the dove paintings.

Our painting (a wedding gift from Christina)Julie's Painting

Andy's Painting

Other than that, we have been to gymnastics, worked on some Christmas presents (we are making some this year, that is why we are starting early), went on some walks, cleaned out our cars and John and I got to go to a movie. Overall, a good week.

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Christina said...

Andy has changed so much since we last saw him, makes me regret not seeing him and Julie last weekend! I can't wait to see that heart-melting smile!

The paintings look gooood together! (;

Yay for blogging!